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Helena  Seli

Helena Seli

Associate Professor of Clinical Education; Director of Program Development

PhD, University of Southern California

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praks@usc.eduPhone: 213-740-6742WPH-1003ECurriculum Vitae


Educational Psychology


Expert in educational psychology, including motivation, procrastination and the social factors influencing learning

Helena Seli

Dr. Helena Seli teaches an undergraduate course in learning strategies and motivation as well as graduate courses in learning and motivation and social factors influencing learning. As an educational psychologist, her research interests include motivation, self-regulation, self-concept, self-worth protection and the social psychological aspects of education. Seli also conducts research on the effectiveness of educational technology, such as the use of “clickers” in large lecture courses. Her dissertation, “Self in Self-Worth Protection: The Relationship Between Possible Selves and Self-Worth Protective Strategies” won the Rossier Ph.D. Dissertation of the Year award. Along with Dr. Myron H. Dembo, she is the author of “Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: A Focus on Self-Regulated Learning” (4th edition) (Taylor and Francis, 2012).



Academic self-regulation, learning strategies, motivation, self-worth protection, possible selves of college students, use of technology in academic settings (e.g., use of electronic feedback systems in large lectures)


  • EDPT 110: Motivation and Learning Strategies 
  • EDUC 518: The Application of Theories of Learning to Classroom Practice
  • EDUC 525: Challenges in Urban Education: Learning
  • EDUC 605: Framing Educational Leadership
  • EDUC 631: Locating Educational Performance Problems
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