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Laura Amador

Dr. Laura Amador is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages  (TESOL) program. Her expertise is in educational linguistics, applied linguistics and second language acquisition with a focus on situated emotion and affective dimensions of classroom language learning across the lifespan. She also has expertise and interest in second language identity development and the neurobiological and environmental mechanisms of communicative behavior related to primary and second language development and use. She applies usage-based, ecological and sociocultural perspectives to her research. 

Dr. Amador’s publications on second language learning include: Affiliative Behaviors that Increase Language Learning Opportunities in Infant and Adult Classrooms: An Integrated Perspective (in Exploring the Interactional Instinct, Oxford University Press), and co-author of A Pioneer in the Use of Video for the Study of Human Social Interaction: A Talk with Frederick Erickson (University of California Press). She has also served as editor of the Center for Language, Interaction, and Culture Graduate Student Association (CLIC GSA) Journal, Crossroads of Language, Interaction, and Culture.

Previously, Amador was a teaching assistant in applied linguistics, linguistics and Spanish at UC Davis and UCLA.  She was also an invited lecturer at the Center for Languages, Arts and Societies of the Silkroad, a professional development and training program for Arabic language teachers in the U.S. She has taught English and Spanish languages at the university level, in community programs and private academies for over a decade in the United States and Spain. She has also trained language teachers in the U.S. in sociocultural and neurobiological learning theories of Second Language Acquisition (SLA).  Dr. Amador has presented her work at key conferences such as the American Association of Applied Linguistics, Second Language Research Forum, UC Consortium of Language Teaching and Learning and Communicative Practices in the Lifeworld (CPIL) at UC Berkeley.  She is preparing a manuscript on behavioral correlates of emotion in situated language learning, as well as affective ”shifts” and their social function in adult classroom learning.

Dr. Amador received her PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of California, Los Angeles her MA in Hispanic Linguistics from the University of California, Davis and her BA in Spanish and Magazine Journalism from California State University, San Francisco. She was a 2011-12 Recipient of the Graduate Research Mentorship at UCLA. Other honors and awards include: a 2009 UCLA Department of Applied Linguistics fellowship used to conduct research on social affiliation in child and adult language learning.



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